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App Marketing Services - 4 Essential Services

An App Marketer Can Do For You

Right now there are a ton of apps flooding the marketplace. The iPhone store already has over half a million apps and the Android is starting to get there, with a quarter of a million and counting. With so many apps out there, it’s no wonder that your app may not be getting the attention that it deserves. Sometimes even the best apps, which genuinely outpace the competition, simply do not get the recognition they warrant. With so much competition, it’s easy to see the value in app marketing services. Here are some things that a professional app marketer would be able to do for your app to ensure it gained maximal exposure and generates the sales you’re looking for.


1) Keywords Research / App Description Optimization - We’ve all heard about keywords and keyword research in fields such as SEO and getting websites to the top of Google, but can keywords also help your app be featured at the top of the app store’s search results? The truth is, keywords are immensely important in app advertising as well, as is the product description that you write for the app store. Not only is this important to show your customers what your app is all about, it also helps your app rank higher in the store’s search result by strategically employing keywords to make your app more appealing to to the algorithm of the app store.


2) Independent Reviews / Early Ratings - An app marketer can also help you get dozens of independent reviews and early ratings before your app even launches. This can boost your app’s credibility with the seller (the app store) and buyers alike. The more reviews that your app has, the more people are going to be able to read about your product and the more likely they’ll trust it, and feel that it’s right for them. This service alone can account for a large amount of downloads.


3) Web Presence / Download Page - While it’s important that your app gets as much exposure as possible on the app store, it’s also important that people can find it when they’re searching the web. The more places that people can find and hear about your app the better. Developing a website and web presence will mean allowing people to find your app whenever they Google search terms that are related to your product. It will also mean generating a social media buzz and getting various bloggers and forums discussing the potential of your blog.


4) Launch Strategy - The launch is potentially one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to app marketing. You want to make sure that you are creating a splash. In many cases the momentum that you generate from a huge launch can carry your sales forward and make it so you have to do very little work to keep your app selling. If you’re able to consult with a marketer about how you want to launch your app, you can make enormous strides toward having your mobile application noticed by your target audience.


You’ve already put so much time and energy into developing an amazing app, it’s going to be worthwhile to invest a little extra into making sure your app is seen by the people you built it for. If you’re looking for an excellent app marketer, we happen to know some of the best and we’d be happy to connect you with them for a free consultation.


The App Marketeers started in 2011 as a way to fulfill an ever growing demand of developers and creators who need a way to market their new iPhone or Android app. Obviously, you could have the best app in the world but if nobody knows about it then it won't do you any good.

With so many apps being built it is not uncommon for a new app to get lost in the shuffle. It is our job to make sure that does NOT happen! We have created an app marketing package that will get more downloads for your app.

The App Marketeers will give you a free consultation and explain to you the marketing process. Fill in one of the forms on this website and someone will contact you shortly.

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